Christopher Pakulla

Annual Global Convention 2016

Lisa Wemert


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Connect With Professionals On-The-Go

ChkdIn is a location based professional networking platform which allow users to connect, chat, exchange business cards & much more with people at the same location.

'Your Network is your Net-worth’ - Start Now!

Christopher Pakulla

TheHummingTree NYE 2017

Lisa Wemert

Sanctum NYE 2017

Business Conference

Network with the people important for your business. Whether you are at a conference, business meeting, technical fest or a start-up event, its difficult to know the people important for your business. Now you can find the right people you want to meet and network with them instantly without hesitation..

Socializing event

Find interesting people and make friends on the go. You are alone at a pub having a drink or at a cafe sipping a hot cup of coffee looking to socialize. Don`t just limit yourself at checking out. Take the next step confidently!

Travelling Alone

Network with the people important for your business. Whether you are at a conference, business meeting, technical fest or a start-upMeet strangers while on the travel. You`re waiting at an airport and the flight is delayed, you don`t have to be bored anymore. Check-in and meet strangers with common interest. Who knows! This meeting might just turn things for you. Make the time worthwhile.

Festival Season

Make new buddies during events. Whether you`re out at a music festival or attending a carnival, making new friends is the coolest thing to do. See who is around and you might find the right people you would want to hang out with.


Really nice app with amazing Interface. It was really nice to use it in Your story Techsparks where I was also able to see few speakers online.

- Rohit dibakar

The app is an ideal platform for professionals to connect and interact with others based on their interests. Would like to see more events on the app soon!

- Varun R

The app is very useful in interacting with people around you based on their profiles. More users are required to make it productive, hoping to see this soon!

- TheGuyInRed

The app helped me to network at Green bubbles. Saw the new atm feature n was directed to a nearby atm which had cash. Great app! :)

- Srujana Gunturu

Its great to find out connects not just from my own field (Finance) but many others with the location based connects! This is one of a kind and very interesting. Also noticed recently added feature to locate ATMs, way to go!

- Amrita Gupta