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Unlock the Power of Your B2B Events with CHKDIN’s Event CRM

Maximize ROI and Streamline Your Sales Pipeline

Event CRM solutions are your secret weapon for maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) from your B2B events. By leveraging features like Lead Qualification, you can identify high-potential attendees and seamlessly move them into your sales pipeline with improved efficiency. This accelerates the sales cycle and fuels your business growth.

Boost Engagement and Foster Lasting Connections

Transform attendee relationships with attendee relationship management. Personalized marketing campaigns, crafted through data gathered during the event, create a more engaging experience. Additionally, event networking tools within the CRM platform foster connections that extend beyond the event itself.

Measure Success and Optimize for the Future

Event analytics provided by event CRM solutions offer invaluable insights into your event's success. This data empowers you to understand what resonated and identify areas for improvement, ensuring future events are even more impactful.

Seamless Event Management from Start to Finish

Embrace a streamlined workflow with features like Mobile Event App integration, Data Management, Registration & Ticketing Management, and Post-Event Engagement Tools. This allows you to focus on creating exceptional events while the Event CRM takes care of the behind-the-scenes tasks.

All-In-One Features For Your Events:

Attendee Registration

Streamline your event with our attendee registration. Build beautiful, branded forms to collect the information you need. Seamlessly manage tickets, discounts, and capacity control. All in one place, for a smooth experience for you and your attendees.

Exhibitor Registration

Streamline your exhibitor onboarding with our user-friendly exhibitor registration. Simply fill out a quick form, manage booth selection, and access essential event resources - all in one place.

Event Mobile App

Deliver a seamless event experience with our Progressive Web App (PWA) mobile app. No app store download needed! Attendees access schedules, maps, speakers, and networking features - all from a convenient home screen icon.

Access Control Management

Streamline your event with secure access control. Assign tickets to specific attendees, manage guest lists, and grant entry with ease. Our system ensures only authorized attendees participate, creating a smooth and secure experience.

Exhibitor Lead Capture

Capture valuable leads effortlessly. Our exhibitor lead capture streamlines data collection with badge scanning, custom qualification questions, and real-time lead access. Increase ROI and maximize event success.

Badge Designing

Create professional badges in minutes with our intuitive badge design technology. Seamlessly integrate attendee data, personalize layouts, and even design different badges for VIPs or speaker roles. Make a lasting impression with our easy-to-use badge design tool.

Certificate Designing

Impress attendees with our built-in certificate designer! Create professional, customizable certificates to instantly reward participation and celebrate achievements at your events

Print-at-home Badge

Streamline your event with print-at-home badges! Reduce wait times and costs by allowing attendees to print professional badges directly from their own printers.

Hybrid Streaming

Reach a wider audience with our seamless hybrid streaming. Engage both in-person and virtual attendees with live and on-demand sessions, fostering a truly connected event experience.

Technology That Makes Chkdin The Best:

Face ID

Simplify check-in and enhance security with our Face ID feature. Attendees breeze through entry with a quick scan, while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing only registered guests attend.

QR Code ID

Streamline your event with QR Code IDs! Generate unique codes for attendees, enabling contactless check-in, lead capture, and access to personalized event information. Simplify logistics and enhance attendee experience.


Elevate your event with next-level access control and attendee experience. RFID technology streamlines entry, empowers cashless spending, and unlocks valuable data insights – all with a tap.

Internet Independent

Our internet-independent check-in technology ensures seamless event registration and management, even with unreliable Wi-Fi. This empowers you to focus on your guests, not internet connectivity.


Chkdin's scalable management technology empowers your events to seamlessly adapt to any size. From small gatherings to conferences, manage everything efficiently with our robust and intuitive features.


Keep your audience glued! Our engagement tools boost attendee interaction through live polls, Q&A, gamification, and in-app chat, making your events dynamic and unforgettable.