Case Study

Product (Un)Conference ‘23
Corporate Event

Product (Un)Conference ‘23


Participation :
500 delegates | 8 sponsors


Product (Un)Conference ‘23


Envisioning the Future of Product Innovation, the Product (Un)Conference ‘23 decodes the journey towards India's product revolution, capturing the spirit of ingenuity, determination, and collaboration that will characterize this era.


The Product Folks were looking to engage a technology for its annual national conference - Product (Un)Conference ‘23 to cater to event management including delegate check-in at venue, session / workshop access management, headcount tally for meals and gift kits along with a detailed post-event analytics of all activities and a progressive web-application to scan & access information of exhibiting companies and delegates at the venue. The event was scheduled for 26 August 2023 covering detailed sessions with a total expected participation of 500 delegates and 8 sponsors.


ChkdIn offered its unique event management platform with QR code-based event digitization solution for the entire management. A QR code was to be generated for all participants at the time of online registration and the on-ground execution was planned using the same.

An app for exhibitors to scan delegate details and a progressive web-application for delegates to view and access event details, to interact with fellow delegates and feedback after every session were provided.


The on-ground implementation of the technology was executed at multiple interactions:

  1. Online registration: A unique QR code was sent to the registrant.
  2. On-site check-in: On scan of QR code at the check-in counters a unique badge was automatically printed from the kiosk for each participant
  3. Session: Scanners were placed at each session hall / workshop hall to scan the ID cards of the delegates and monitor whom to allow access to. This helped in accurate session management.
  4. Tailgating Access Management: Scanners were placed to scan and count all the meals and gifts availed by the delegates for accurate billing with the respective vendors. This also helped to eliminate tailgating and misuse of facilities.

A total of 500 delegates and 8 sponsors had participated in the event where the attendees were managed without any issues and footprint analytics of the activities for the entire event was captured and delivered to the organizing committee.

Chkdin was given a certificate of appreciation with multiple thank you testimonials from the organizing committee.