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GreenCo Summit (CII)
Waste & Resource Management

GreenCo Summit (CII)


Participation :
850+ delegates | 30 exhibitors


GreenCo Summit (CII)


The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is dedicated to fostering India's development by collaborating with industry, government, and civil society through advisory and consultative processes. In line with promoting the importance of Green initiatives in Indian industry and showcasing the latest green concepts and technologies, CII is organizing the 12th edition of the GreenCo Summit. This summit aims to create a platform for sustainable models to thrive and make a positive impact.


The GreenCo Summit aims to bring together over 850 attendees for sector-focused round-table discussions, complemented by a mini-expo featuring approximately 30 exhibitors showcasing their products. To manage this event effectively, CII sought an advanced technology solution that could handle event management tasks such as label printing, delegate check-in, session management, Virtual Exhibition booth setup, exhibitor lead generation, and headcount tally for meals. Additionally, the organizing committee required detailed post-event analytics to evaluate all activities.


The organizing committee faced the challenge of managing the event within a tight timeframe of just one month. On-site management presented significant hurdles, ranging from streamlined check-ins and badge collection to creating virtual booths and ensuring access control during various activities and sessions. To overcome these challenges and provide an exceptional experience for all delegates, the committee sought the expertise of ChkdIn.


ChkdIn provided a cutting-edge QR code-based event digitization solution to simplify event management and enhance the overall attendee experience. Upon online event registration, each attendee received a personalized QR code, acting as a digital identifier for all on-site interactions. This innovative approach not only streamlined the registration process but also facilitated seamless execution of all on-ground activities using the same QR code system. To benefit exhibitors, ChkdIn offered virtual booths that enabled them to generate and capture leads from visitors. Attendees could easily scan the exhibitor's booth QR code to access detailed information about the company, fostering better engagement.


The on-site implementation of technology encompassed various interactions during the event:

Offline and spot registration: Registrants received unique QR codes for effortless entry.

On-site check-in: Attendees scanned their QR codes at designated check-in counters, which triggered the automatic printing of personalized ID cards/labels from self-service kiosks.

Tailgating Access Management: Strategically positioned scanners tracked the number of meals consumed by delegates, ensuring accurate billing with vendors. This measure effectively curbed tailgating and prevented the misuse of facilities, enhancing security and efficiency.


The GreenCo Summit successfully welcomed the participation of 850+ delegates and 30 exhibitors and sponsors over the span of two days. The event was efficiently managed, resulting in a smooth and seamless experience for all attendees. Furthermore, the organizing committee received comprehensive footprint analytics, providing valuable insights to evaluate the success of the event and plan for future improvements.