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Microsite Powerhouse for Effortless Marketing

Forget lengthy website development and focus on what truly matters: promoting your event. Chkdin offers pre-built event websites, complete with White-Labeled URLs for a seamless brand experience.

These websites feature stunning landing pages that can be customized with your branding, along with informative sections dedicated to all your event details. Within minutes, you'll have a professional event website ready to go, freeing you to concentrate on crafting a successful event marketing strategy and generating excitement for your upcoming gathering.

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Effortless Registration and Secure Payments

Streamline your event management operations and free up valuable resources with our direct deposit solution. This secure and automated technology ensures all your event registration and ticket sales are deposited directly into your designated bank account.

Eliminate the time-consuming tasks of chasing checks, waiting for clearances, or managing lost or stolen money orders. Direct deposit provides uninterrupted access to your funds, allowing you to focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional events and growing your business.

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Connect, Inform, Engage: All Access Mobile Event App

Chkdin's Event mobile application enriches attendee experiences by offering convenient access to schedules, speaker details, and venue maps. It enhances engagement through personalized agendas, real-time updates, and networking capabilities, fostering a well-informed, connected, and satisfied attendee community.

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Effortless Check-In & Enhanced Security

Effortless Check-In & Enhanced Security

Elevate your B2B event experience with Chkdin's innovative platform. Say goodbye to long check-in lines and misplaced badges! Our comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates event registration management with pre-generated, QR code-equipped badges. This powerful combination ensures secure event entry, efficient attendee identification (including staff, VIPs, and visitors), and eliminates the need for traditional badge printing and lanyards. This user-friendly approach empowers both attendees and organizers to focus on what truly matters - fostering valuable connections and maximizing event ROI.

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Elevate Security, Streamline Entry, and Gain Invaluable Insights.

Elevate your event security and efficiency with our comprehensive access control technology. This powerful system empowers organizers with complete control, ensuring secure event entry through contactless solutions like RFID badges and eliminating long lines for a seamless attendee experience.

But our technology goes beyond enhanced security. By leveraging real-time session analytics and attendee movement data, you gain valuable insights to optimize future events. This data empowers you to tailor content, strategically place booths, and facilitate targeted networking opportunities – all within a secure and controlled environment.

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Maximize Lead Generation & Drive ROI

Maximize your event ROI and streamline exhibitor success with our comprehensive suite of lead generation tools. Effortlessly capture high-quality leads through features like a visitor web app for easy access, exhibitor detail previews to spark attendee interest, and direct access to downloadable exhibitor materials.

Our technology goes beyond simple capture, providing automated email reports with qualified leads for seamless integration into your CRM and nurturing campaigns. This data-driven approach fosters deeper attendee engagement and empowers exhibitors to achieve their event goals.

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Reach a Global Audience & Expand Your Event Reach

Elevate your event reach with Chkdin's comprehensive live streaming platform. Effortlessly transform your business events into virtual or hybrid experiences, captivating a global audience. Our user-friendly platform eliminates technical complexities, allowing you to focus on delivering impactful content. We offer a robust suite of features designed to boost attendee engagement and maximize remote participation – all within a single, scalable solution. Tailor your virtual event experience to your specific needs and leave a lasting impression on attendees worldwide.

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Go Beyond RSVP’s: Leverage Data-Driven Guest Insights

Transform your wedding guest experience with Chkdin's intelligent RSVP system. This innovative tool goes beyond simple online RSVPs, streamlining pre-check-in by capturing guest ID details and travel information during the RSVP process.

Leverage Chkdin’s technology to gain valuable guest tracking insights and personalize the experience. Our system analyzes travel times to create personalized itineraries and sends automated reminders, ensuring your guests arrive informed, stress-free, and ready to celebrate with you.

This seamless approach elevates guest management and simplifies the planning process, allowing you to focus on creating an unforgettable wedding day.

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From RSVP’s to Seating Charts: Simplify Your Wedding Planning

Ditch the wedding guest management stress! Chkdin's intelligent RSVP system elevates your guest experience from the very beginning. This innovative tool goes beyond simple RSVPs, streamlining pre-check-in by capturing guest ID details and travel information during the RSVP process. Our technology leverages this data to personalize the guest journey.

Chkdin analyzes travel times to create customized itineraries and sends automated reminders, ensuring guests arrive informed, stress-free, and ready to celebrate with you.

This seamless approach simplifies guest management and wedding logistics, allowing you to focus on other planning aspects. Additionally, Chkdin integrates with your guest list management and seating charts, fostering a more organized and efficient wedding planning experience.

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