Case Study

16th India Drilling & Exploration Conference (IDEC) 2023
Drilling & Exploration Conference

16th India Drilling & Exploration Conference (IDEC) 2023


Participation :
500 Attendees | 14 sponsors


16th India Drilling & Exploration Conference (IDEC) 2023


IDEC is India’s one of the most Reputed Oil and Gas Conference & Exhibitions. IDEC was launched as a platform to bring and share the latest trends, developments and the future of the oil & gas industry. The focus of IDEC is on India’s energy landscape, in-depth understanding of near to long-term exploration and investment opportunities.

The event enables to establish dialogue, share experience, search for solutions, and to consolidate the efforts of businesses and government for efficient development of key O&G projects in India both offshore & onshore.


IDEC at its 16th edition conference was looking for an efficient attendee management tool for the ease of execution. They were expecting 350 nos of registration which included multiple categories including visitors. A comprehensive solution to handling various event aspects were included such as Pre-event registration, Landing page for registrations, On-ground badge printing, Access control scan points, Pre-event badge design setup for print-at home & on-ground badges, Communication setup with Mail & WhatsApp system, On-ground Supervision & also to provide registration materials like badges, pouches, etc.


Chkdin offered its unique QR code-based event digitization solution for a hassle-free attendee management. A unique QR code was generated for each participant at the time of online registration, and the on-ground execution was also planned using the same.


The implementation of our service was executed at multiple interactions from Pre-event to Event-day.

Registration landing page:

A landing page was created with multiple registration categories.

Communication system:

Instant reply to the registration Mails & WhatsApp confirmations were sent to every attendee along with their unique QR code-based digital & print-at-home badges.

On site check-in:

During QR code scanning at the check-in counters, a unique badge was automatically printed from the kiosk for each participant.

Tailgating Access Management:

A quick badge verification scanner was placed at the session hall and meals counter to determine whom to allow access to. This helped the organizer with accurate, flexible and systematic access control management.

On-site support:

Chkdin provided the badge materials, Registration kiosk materials and an overall on-ground supervision to overview the entire mechanism.


A total of 300 attendees participated in the event over the 2 days course as the organizer was able to manage their attendees without facing any issues, and provided a footprint analytics of the activities that was real-time captured, and delivered to the organizing committee.