Attendee Management

ChkdIn's Organizer Solution introduces the very state-of-the-art technology in form of organizer application to manage attendees during an event. Just scan the ticket and all the information of the attendee will be fetched.
Along with details of attendees, the entire accurate information of the attendee whereabouts can be monitored using the ChkdIn's organizer application.

Revenue Monitoring

With ChkdIn's organizer application, the organizer can monitor the tickets sold and revenue generated on-the-go. ChkdIn makes sure to protect the privacy of the information. The sensitive information is password protected to make sure its not leaked to the hired employees.

Box Office

With ChkdIn's organizer application, the organizer can create an on-the-go box office of the event. This facility allows the organizer to register walk-in customers with multiple payment options.
As simple as booking a ticket online, the attendee just requires to select the ticket and choose the payment options. ChkdIn provides a card payment option on demand.

Poll Creation

ChkdIn's organizer application allows the organizer to create an opinion poll on-the-go during the event. Along with this, the event organizer can also monitor the results with extended demographics.


ChkdIn's organizer application allows the organizer to create announcements on-the-go for the attendees during the event.
This facility is connected with the LIVE event feed and networking application for the attendees. ChkdIn also send these announcement to the attendees using personal notification.

Entry / Exit Management

ChkdIn's state-of-the-art organizer application to manage events gives the most accurate and important information about the attendees whereabouts without an RFID integration, thereby making it economical for the event organizer.
With just a click, the event organizer can know how many people are present at which all venues.


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