Attendee Profile

With ChkdIn's networking platforms, an attendee can view other attendees' profiles along with their shared informations including their company, designation, any documents they have made open, and much more. No more hesitation in approaching a person during an event. Send connect requests to interested profiles, chat, exchange cards and utilize the networking opportunity to the maximum.

Chat & Meetings

With ChkdIn's networking platforms, an event attendee can chat with all the other co-attendees just by connecting with them over the event networking platform. Now schedule the meetings with other attendees, sponsors, investors, etc. pre-event and during event and utilize the networking opportunity to the maximum.

Live Event Feed

ChkdIn's networking platforms creates a LIVE event feed/timeline for the event attendee to present their views and express their experience over the event networking platform.
Not only that, with this event feed an attendee can share important documents like resumes, offers, company brochures and much more, thereby gaining a greater visibility during the event.

Mobile Application / Progressive Web App

ChkdIn provides extended platforms for the attendees at an event to network. With the ChkdIn's event networking mobile application and event networking progressive web application, the attendees of any event are able to interact with other attendees from pre-event to during event and post-event. The attendees can connect with each other, exchange cards, schedule meetings, participate in polls / Q&As, LIVE event feed, and do much more. This platform also allows the attendee to connect with the organizer for any interaction.

Polls & Q&A

ChkdIn's networking platforms allows an event attendee to participate & present their views on the opinion polls created by the organizer over the event networking platform.
Along with the same, ChkdIn's event networking platform also lets an attendee interact with the organizer using 'Ask organizer' incase of any queries/issues during the event.


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