Within minutes

With ChkdIn's event solution, an organizer can create the event's website platform within minutes using a event dashboard. More importantly, there is no technical knowledge required.
Fill in the event details, choose the desired webpage design and publish the website. ChkdIn allows an organizer to use the website free for 3 days.

Custom Templetes

Creating an event website with ChkdIn allows an organizer to choose a desired webpage design.
Fill in the event details, select the desired design for the occasion and publish the website.

Integrated Ticketing Widget

With ChkdIn's website & ChkdIn's ticketing solution, an organizer can receive payments for all the bookings directly on the website. ChkdIn provides a ticketing widget. There is no need for the customer to be redirected to a third party to book the ticket.
Click on booking tab, select the desired ticket and pay for the same, all on the event website.

Cost Efficient

ChkdIn guarantees the lowest price for the quality of event website in the market. With as low as $ 233, an event organizer can build the event's website within minutes without any technical knowledge.
Fill in the event details, choose the desired webpage design and publish the website. Pay for the event website only after its satisfactory while 3 days of free use.

Free Trial

ChkdIn believes in the quality of work and customer satisfaction.
With ChkdIn, an event organizer doesn't need to pay for the website in advance. ChkdIn allows the event website to be used free for 3 days. Create an event website with ChkdIn's event solution now, use it for free. Pay only if satisfied.


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