Tailor-Made Tickets

ChkdIn's ticketing platform for events provide the best custom ticketing options available in the market. With this platform, an event organizer can create tickets for the event with options like currency, fees sharing, multiple locations and much more.

Non-profit rates

ChkdIn's guarantees the lowest rates (non-profit) on successful bookings. The rates are as low as 3% for domestic events and 4% for international events.

Multiple Currencies

With ChkdIn's ticketing platform for events, an event organizer can create tickets with multiple currency, receive payments directly to their website and much more. ChkdIn guarantees the minimum rates for successful transactions.

Multiple Payment Providers

With ChkdIn's ticketing platform for events, a customer can make payments using multiple payment options with as extended as 10+ providers across the globe.

Daily Payment Clearance

ChkdIn believes in comforting the organizer most when it comes to money.
With ChkdIn's event ticketing service, an organizer is assured to be made the payment on daily basis. The information of the same is automatically generated in the DO-IT-YOURSELF and the invoice of daily clearance can be downloaded.

Promo Codes & tracking

ChkdIn's event ticketing service allows an organizer to create multiple promo codes for their events. These promo-codes can be created with extended custom options including bulk offers and early birds.

Live Sales Report

ChkdIn's event ticketing solution provides a LIVE sales report both on the ChkdIn's Event Manager and the ChkdIn's organizer application.
Monitor the extended results with multiple demographics to be able to target the right audience.

Retargeting Leads

With ChkdIn's event ticketing solution, an event organizer can monitor all the leads / visitors to their event page and re-target them using the different marketing solutions.
ChkdIn provides a customized mailer re-targeting tool to reach the full house.


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