Walk-In Registration

With ChkdIn's organizer application, the organizer can create an on-the-go box office of the event. This facility allows the organizer to register walk-in customers with multiple payment options. As simple as booking a ticket online, the attendee just requires to select the ticket and choose the payment options. ChkdIn provides a card payment option on demand.

Multiple Payment Methods

ChkdIn believes in customer satisfaction. ChkdIn's Box Office allows a customer to make payments using multiple options including cash, card, online payments, wallets and others. These payment methods are 100% secured and protected.

Flawless Entry Experience

ChkdIn's Box Office Solution smoothens & enriches the entry management process for the event. With registering walk-ins in a flawless super-fast manner, the solution caters to the end-to-end needs including badge printing so as to give the best entry experience to the attendee.

Card Swiping

ChkdIn's Box Office Solution provides a card swiping machine integrated to the organizer's application for allowing the organizer to receive on-spot payments using cards. This facility is provided on demand.

ChkdIn Box Office Support

ChkdIn provides an on-spot Box Office management & support on demand during the event. It includes everything from walk-in registrations to payment handling, badge printing and entry/exit management.


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