Custom Designs

ChkdIn's Badge Solution for an event is the integral part of the attendee management for an event organizer. With this solution, an organizer can customize the design and content of the badge for the event and print it with just a click. ChkdIn also caters to the on-spot attendee management on demand.

One Click Scanning

ChkdIn's Badge Solution smoothens & enriches the entry management process for the event. Scanning the attendee code enables the informative connection of the attendee with the data management of the organizer's application and creates a premium event experience for the attendee.

Entry / Exit Management

ChkdIn's Badge Solution allows to manage attendees gives the most accurate and important information about the attendees whereabouts without an RFID integration, thereby making it economical for the event organizer. With just a click on the organizer’s application, the event organizer can know how many people are present at which all venues.


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