Ticketing & Registration

ChkdIn's Event Manager is a DO-IT-YOURSELF event dashboard for the end-to-end event needs of an organizer. With this event dashboard, an organizer can create custom tickets for their event with multiple currencies, promo codes, and much more.
ChkdIn guarantees the lowest rates (non-profit) on successful bookings.

Event Website

With ChkdIn's Event Manager, an organizer can create the event's website platform within minutes using a event dashboard. More importantly, there is no technical knowledge required.
Fill in the event details, choose the desired webpage design and publish the website. ChkdIn allows an organizer to use the website free for 3 days.

Event Networking Application

ChkdIn provides extended platforms for the attendees at an event to network. With the ChkdIn's event networking mobile application and event networking progressive web application, the attendees of any event are able to interact with other attendees from pre-event to during event and post-event. The attendees can connect with each other, exchange cards, schedule meetings, participate in polls / Q&As, LIVE event feed, and do much more. This platform also allows the attendee to connect with the organizer for any interaction.

Event Marketing

With ChkdIn's Event Manager, an organizer can reach a full house using the ChkdIn's integrated event marketing tool.
From SMS to mailer campaign and socials media marketing, ChkdIn's event marketing tool allows to market the event to a larger audience and launch automized re-targeting campaigns.

Sales & Revenue

ChkdIn believes in transparent communication.
ChkdIn's Event Manager provides a complete detailed sales report for each event including an option to re-send the ticket to any customer. An event organizer can also monitor the daily sales and download the invoices based on daily payment clearance.


Create, Market and Manage your event Using ChkdIn Event Manager