How to Brand your event in five simple steps

December 6, 2017

Organising an event seems like a daunting task but making sure your event stands out as a brand is even a bigger challenge.

Basically, Event Branding is a space, allowing the organisers to create a consistent resonance with the audience to be unique and credible through their events.

The importance of event branding is often overlooked and organisers fail to see the bigger picture of their events turning to a future brand.

The achievement of event branding doesn’t necessarily involve complex processes or  huge investment.It can be achieved in as simple as 5 steps below.

1. Create an identity



Every brand is symbolised by a logo and it helps in creating a user reference for the brand and hence will identify all its occurrences across social media and the upcoming events to be coming from the same source as a brand. Organiser will be under advantage if they align their event themes with the logo and similar colours.

2. Social Media Campaigns



Social media is the most powerful way of reaching out to huge audience, conducting contests/campaigns before the event helps in engaging the audience and hence, they are most likely to attend the event and probably get in more people to the event.

3. Fun Engaging Contests



Arrange multiple contests, create multiple photo booths in the event place with relevant campaign title or tagline to make the event an overall fun experience. Photobooths also helps in creating buzz online over different channels like Instagram, Facebook through photos and hence reaching out to a bigger audience and creating a brand space online.

4. Brand Ambassador/Associate Influencer to the event



If your event budget permits to arrange for an influencer/renowned person to represent your event it will in turn help you to drive in more audience to the event and add credibility to your event as well as brand.

5. Brand related goodies



This factor could add in some additional cost but it is equally beneficial in creating a reference with the attendee post the event and the relevant usage of goodie in daily life will help in creating awareness about the brand to more people.Hence select them accordingly and also mention the contact address or relevant information on the goodie to look up for future reference.

These above steps will help organisers varying from small to big scale to turn their events to a future reliable brand and create a loyalty with the users for longtime.