Five happening festivals for a Global Traveller

September 12, 2017

Once a great man said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, to bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”

Travel isn’t about just sight seeing the famous spots of a particular city/country but a cultural experience which broadens your perspectives and nourishes your mind and soul.Best time to indulge in such a divine experience is to visit the place during its cultural festivities.

We have an amazing list of festivals and their respective places around the world to make your travel an experience to remember.


1. La Tomatina ,Buñol, Spain



First on the list is Spain’s most famous, fun and frolic festival, La Tomatina Festival which happens every year on the last Wednesday of August.In this festival, tourists all over the world enjoy the fun tomato fight, slides on the tomato streaked roads and dance in water showers around the city.The entire city is painted red by truckloads of tomatoes everywhere and the ideal place to be with a fun bunch of friends.

2. Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan



The Land of Rising Sun welcomes Spring season every year by celebrating Cherry Blossom Festival.This festival marks the start of Spring season and the entire place is decorated by these budding beautiful pink Sakuras (budding cherry blossoms) and the city looks nothing less than a dreamland.Tourists enjoy this scenic view over a picnic with some good food and companionship.

3. Oktoberfest, Germany



If you are a beer lover and party person then attending this Oktoberfest should be on top of your bucket list.It is held between September last week to end of October first week at Munich in Germany.Around millions of people across the globe, gather in the city to devour the copious amount of beer aligned with the bunch of fun and frolic party events organised for all the global travellers.

The perfect quote that defines this  festival and moment is “Life is too short without beer and some good friends”. Doesn’t this sound interesting, book your tickets now.

4. Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



The Brazilian carnival at Rio is the largest carnival in the world which attracts a diverse group of people all across the world and is generally celebrated 40 days before Easter.This carnival is marked with parades, samba dance performances by different troops dressed in colorful costumes and some local Brazil music to get the crowd dancing.It’s a great time to visit Brazil and experience its flamboyant culture and vibrant ethnicity.

5.Holi and Diwali, India

holi (1)



India stands by the famous quote ‘Unity in Diversity’.It is a melting pot of diverse culture, ancient traditions and different religions knitted altogether.Festivals are the best time to visit when the entire country comes together to celebrate.Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated during mid march and Diwali, festival of lights, celebrated between October and mid-November are amongst the biggest festivals.The cultural flair of the country is at its best during this period and no other place can replace its ethnicity, mark this place to experience the country’s exuberance and diversity once in your lifetime.



The travel during these cultural festivals will fill you with joy, broaden your perspectives, create new bonds across the world and contribute to a different experience altogether with memories to be cherished forever. So plan your vacation,book the tickets soon because “Life is too short to wait!!”.