Use Chkdin as your Event Manager

October 11, 2017

Thinking of organizing a big event like the famous music band concert in town or conducting a small workshop to teach how one can make delicious desserts. But not quite sure, how to handle the event management within the timeline and cost effectively.

We have a solution for you, in fact, an event manager, which would manage all the event need with ease and at the same time offer an amazing experience to all the attendees. This event management application is called Chkdin.

ChkdIn is an event management software (SaaS – Software as a Solution) for an event organizer to create, manage and promote their events in a Cost and time effective manner.

Check out the below features which distinguish Chkdin from other event applications

Easy ticket Generation



The first important part of any event is easy, reliable registration. Chkdin provides a user-friendly interface to all its organizers for easy creation of tickets, quick modification on changes and additional option to sell the tickets on social media.

Extensive Audience reach out



Any event is termed successful based on the audience reach it achieves.This application’s integration to SMS, Emails, Social Media Outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin helps the organizer to maximize their audience reach for the event.

Event Customization



Events could range from trade-shows to seminars, each event is unique and so are its requirements.In this scenario, an option to showcase the event’s location, time schedule and all its related details at a single space could be ideal.Chkdin comes to rescue by providing the feature of creating custom tickets to event specific websites compiling all the event details within minutes.

Generate Additional revenue



Organizing any event needs multiple resources from registration to marketing and are often supported by co-sponsors or co-partners.Chkdin provides strategic paid Ad spaces to market existing ones or attract new partners to support the event and at the same time generate extra revenue.

Handle Audience Network



Events like flea markets, cultural festivals range audience from hundreds to thousands and handling their registration to operations is quite a tedious task.Chkdin helps organizer track details like the number of attendees, event revenue generation during pre/post/during event activities and this, in turn, helps them to plan their operations prior and update them regularly over SMS and email integration service.

This event management solution with different features not just help to conduct an event but scale to many more events across globe and over years. To use the ChkdIn event manager, sign up at or contact us at “” for more details.